About the Team

The UNB Saint John Seawolves football team presents young men, ages 18 to 24, with the opportunity to compete at university level football while attending the University of New Brunswick at Saint John campus or the New Brunswick Community College (“NBCC”).   UNB Saint John offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate level programs in Arts, Science and Engineering, and Business.  Its student-to-teacher ratio is excellent. Its campus culture is inclusive, safe, and accommodating.  Its residences are top-rated, with private rooms and baths.   And the university offers many co-operative and experiential learning initiatives that can give UNBSJ graduates an edge in the workforce or in graduate studies.

Head Coach Nathan Gorham understands and emphasizes the importance of success both in the classroom and the football field, having personally played university football during his undergraduate and legal studies.  Now a practicing lawyer and a doctoral candidate, Coach Gorham also understands that, while football is a great sport that builds character and opens up opportunities in life, player safety must be the overriding objective in any successful and sustainable football program.   Consequently, the Seawolves practice without full contact, promote safe contact, and adhere strictly to existing concussion protocols.  The team staff includes physiotherapists and game-day physicians who help ensure player safety.

The Seawolves compete at the Canada Games Stadium–a world class facility and the largest home field used by any of the Atlantic Football League teams.  For more information about the programs offered by UNB Saint John or NBCC continue reading below.  For more information on recruiting, including invitations to winter or fall training camps, please contact Head Coach Nathan Gorham at (506) 644-8714 or gorham@saintjohnseawolves.ca


UNB Saint John offers a variety of opportunities and benefits that set it apart from larger institutions or campuses.   Smaller class sizes mean a better student-teacher ratio and greater access to professors for an enhanced learning environment. All of the faculties at UNB Saint John offer undergraduate research opportunities, a feature that is truly unique and allows students to become involved and gain practical experience—opportunities that can set them apart whether moving on to graduate studies or into the work force.  A tunnel system under the academic and student life buildings ensures safe and comfortable movement throughout all areas of the university. Residences with private rooms and washrooms as well as excellent support resources help ensure a comfortable, safe, and inclusive living environment.

The Faculty of Arts

The university offers a fully comprehensive Arts program with several areas of study, including Psychology, Communications, History, Political Science and more.  There are a variety of interactive and experiential learning opportunities—a partnership with the Saint John Theatre Company, as one example—that expand learning beyond the classroom and provide students with additional skills and knowledge.  There are also co-operative opportunities that offer students paid work experience through internships in their field of study.

For more information, visit: http://www.unb.ca/saintjohn/arts/


The Faculty of Business at UNB Saint John offers all major areas of business studies including accounting, marketing, human resource management, and others.   There is also an accredited co-operative placement program that offers students paid work experience in their fields of study.  This allows students to determine their interests as they complete the degree and also affords them practical experience, a valuable asset for prospective employers.  Many professors within the faculty have a wealth of experience in the fields they teach; so, students learn from professionals that have been in the workforce and bring unique perspectives to classroom.

For further information, visit: http://www.unb.ca/saintjohn/business/

Faculty of Science and Engineering

UNB Saint John offers many different areas of study within the Faculty of Science: Science, Computer Science, Health Science, Informational Science, Engineering, and Nursing.  The science program, regardless of area of interest, is a great foundation for not only graduate studies, but also moving on to professional programs like medicine.   Furthermore, exceptional undergraduate research opportunities within the Faculty of Science give students a solid platform to move on to graduate studies or high-level positions in the workforce.

For more information, visit: http://www.unb.ca/saintjohn/sase/

Residence and Student Services

The UNB Saint John campus offers residences where students enjoy their own room and washroom facilities.  This promotes a safe and comfortable living environment and fosters a tight knit student community.  Exceptional support resources, well-trained Residence Assistants, and a Resident Life Coordinator all help ensure inclusive and enjoyable residences.

For more information on student services, visit: http://www.unb.ca/saintjohn/studentservices/

For more information on “the Residence Advantage” at UNB Saint John, visit: http://www.unb.ca/saintjohn/residence/

Scholarship Opportunities

UNB Saint John offers competitive scholarship opportunities.

Visit http://blogs.unb.ca/myunbnews-s-sj/2018/02/07/2018-19-undergraduate-scholarship-application-fr-and-sj-2/ for more information.