Ron Barry, former Managing Editor of the Telegraph Journal, reports on Head Coach Nathan Gorham’s message to the Seawolves as they travel to Halifax to the meet the Dalhousie Tigers in the first round of the playoffs on October 27, 2018:

“It was the Seawolves who trailed Holland College 22-3 before mounting a fourth-quarter comeback earlier this season. UNBSJ lost 22-17, but it had two touchdowns called back on penalties, including one in the final minute of the game.

In a 54-31 setback to UNB, the Seawolves led 24-6 midway through the second quarter and 31-20 in the third quarter before the wheels came off. That happens to young teams in rebuild mode, but the Seawolves looked like a team that could hang with the big boys. Said head coach Nathan Gorham: “When our team shows up to play and everybody’s healthy, they can be an exciting group of guys.”

Gorham’s message to the players prior to Saturday’s kickoff will not be complicated: “They have to realize there’s parity in this league, even with us. They have to believe they can win it, and I believe we can.

“They have to realize there’s a team in Dalhousie – senior players who are three or four years older than the majority of our guys – who have learned a lesson that you need a calm head and a commitment to hard work. We need to match Dalhousie’s work ethic.”

Putting the time in to be the best at your craft is a discipline Gorham learned during his collegiate days as a receiver with the St. Francis Xavier X-Men and the Queen’s Golden Gaels. The rewards are lifetime gems.

“Every time they make a constructive decision to do the right thing… to move forward and execute their assignments one play at a time, players are contributing to their own legacy as young men,” he said. “They are building character, they’re building bonds between them that will last the rest of their lives and they’re building memories that will stick with them. They will look back upon them and say, ‘I remember when we were in tough and I did the right thing by executing my plays and everybody else did the right thing and executed their plays and we were successful.

“Those are the things that stick out for me from my time playing football. If I can get the whole group to buy into that, these guys are going to exceed what they think they can do.”

Ron Barry

Former managing editor of the Telegraph-Journal”